Anxiety Treatment Wichita KS


Our psychotherapists.....

  • Have years of experience.  
  • Have specialized training in treating anxiety disorders or other mental health isses. 
  • Are licensed licensed by the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. They are Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapists or Licensed Master Social Workers. A Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist is licensed to independently diagnose and treat mental conditions. A Licensed Master Social Worker is licensed to diagnose and treat mental conditions with supervision.
  • Are preferred providers for many health insurance plans.
  • Vanessa Whalen and Marilyn Possett  have East Wichita Offices.  All other therapists practice at our main (West) office near Kellogg and Ridge in Wichita. 


Susan Huebert Anxiety Wichita KS

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Judi Emerson Anxiety Treatment Wichita Hutchinson KS

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Marilyn anxiety Wichita KS

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Jeanette Diederich south central KS

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Ingrid Dennis Anxiety Treatment  

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Vanessa Whalen Anxiety Wichita

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Stacie Watts anxiety treatment wichita

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Anxiety Treatment Wichita KS